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No matter how comprehensive a health insurance plan may appear, all of them have their limits on the coverage amounts they allow for the various health care services outlined in their policies. Once a coverage limit is attained, the insured might have to either pay out-of-pocket for items such as prescription drugs or for continuing medical treatment and other health care related services, or, the worst case scenario, they will be forced to forgo treatment until the insurance coverage again resumes. Supplemental health insurance coverage can be the help one needs to continue the health care services and required prescription drugs through the provision of the expenses that would no longer be covered by the primary health insurance policy.

There is no restriction as to who may buy a supplemental health insurance policy in order to enhance existing coverage. Supplemental insurance is ideal for those with ongoing health conditions or whose current health insurance policies don't provide the level of coverage necessary to feel fully protected. A smart purchase of an affordable supplemental insurance plan can provide great peace of mind through the improved quality and quantity of ones health care. Those who are on Medicare can particularly benefit from supplemental health insurance plans that can take of the costs of such things as co-pays, fees, and expenses that could exceed existing coverage limits.

A prime example of a supplemental policy is what is known as a "Medigap" policy. Medicare recipients have limits on annual benefits, which can leave many senior citizens unable to obtain the prescription drugs they require. A Medigap policy can take up the slack and extend the necessary coverage when the Medicare benefit has been fully drained. For all other folks there are several additional kinds of supplemental insurance plans available that can help in the event of existing health insurance policies reaching their benefit limits. Some can even offer compensation for lost income due to an accident or some other event that causes injury resulting in lost time and pay at ones place of employment.

As these policies are not primary health insurance, supplemental coverage can be far more affordable and much easier to purchase. Their intent is to only provide additional insurance coverage for services already outlined in the primary health insurance policy. Should those benefits be exhausted, a supplemental policy can be a life-saver in the form of extended policy limits and as possible extra income to help one though a challenging period.