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Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance Policies

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Insurance for commercial vehicle coverage applies to those cars, trucks or vans that people use in business. These vehicles include sedans, vans, SUVs, tow trucks, pickup trucks, refrigerator trucks, dump trucks, etc. Companies with a fleet of such vehicles will certainly need a commercial auto policy.

For those who use their vehicles both for business and personal use, they may also be in need this type of insurance. However, an example that might be an exception would be someone who perhaps delivers nail salon supplies once every week. People in certain businesses who drive more frequently and longer distances will need such a policy. Consult with your agent to know if a commercial auto policy is right for you.

Normal commercial auto coverage includes collision in which damages to the body of the vehicle is paid for after involvement in an accident. There is comprehensive coverage, which pays for damages to the covered car that was caused by fire, theft, vandalism and other incidents named in the policy. Liability for property damage pays for property damage caused by the driver of the car that is covered. Liability for bodily injury handles payment for injuries or deaths caused by the employee who drives the covered vehicle. Medical payments or personal injury payments help in paying for medical bills of the driver and passengers in the covered car. Uninsured motorist is that which pays for injuries or deaths caused by an uninsured driver. It also covers you in the event of a hit and run.

There is also employer non-owned car liability coverage that pays if employees have an accident while driving their personal car while working.

Another reason commercial vehicle insurance can be greatly beneficial is that it offers high liability limits. This can help to protect you, the business owner, from the loss of hard-earned assets of your business. Commercial policies are quite specifically tailored to the kind of business and vehicle. There is a commercial vehicle policy available for practically any type of vehicle in use, although not all insurance companies offer this type of commercial vehicle coverage.