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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Policies

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In order to drive legally in most states, auto insurance is mandated. If you are pulled over in these states and do not have the appropriate coverage, you will be at risk of receiving an infraction from the law enforcement officer leading to a fine and possible court appearance. In some states, the police officer can also impound your uninsured vehicle and take away your drivers license for a set period. Insurance companies offer a myriad of policies that insure a person and allow him or her to drive legally.

Should Everyone Insurance Coverage?

The answer is an emphatic yes. If you intend on driving a car, regardless of state laws, you would be wise to have coverage that, at the very least, complies with your states regulations to allow for compensation for those who have had damage inflicted to a vehicle or to other personal or state-owned property. A policy can also a cover a driver who needs help in paying medical bills received due to a car accident. While each state has their own standards for policies, drivers may be well served by choosing additional coverage like emergency road service, dismemberment or death coverage or increased limits to their liability coverage.

How Does Car Insurance Coverage Work?

When one is appropriately covered, he or she contacts their insurance agent in the event of a collision with another vehicle or if ones car is damaged by weather, fire, or vandalism. It is important that in the event of an accident the policy-holder contacts the agent as soon as possible to report it. The agent will then verify the claim through telephone conversation, various paperwork, photographs and/or witness statements in order to begin the process of providing the covered client (or other parties) with the appropriate compensation. It is incumbent upon drivers to carry proof of their vehicle insurance with them while driving at all times. Police officers will generally ask for you to show this proof of insurance if you are pulled over.

What Kind of Vehicle Coverage Types are there?

There are a large number of different types of coverage for auto including liability, comprehensive and collision. Many drivers are mandated by their lending institutions to have full coverage for vehicle purchased with a loan and many are also required to purchase coverage from an insurance carrier to cover accidents that occur due to uninsured or underinsured individuals. Drivers often decide to also insure their vehicle for theft or vandalism for added peace of mind.

What are the Major Benefits of Coverage?

Some of the many benefits of having vehicle insurance coverage include being in compliance with local laws, thereby protecting you from having your car impounded or from receiving a fine. And, the biggest plus, you and other drivers are protected in the event of an accident.